Act 8

February 22, 2008

Gendered fiction exploration – gender f*&king with Creative Commons fiction
To further explore the ways in which women are represented within web 2.0 I decided to look at some fiction distributed online with a creative commons license that allowed for remixing, and then reverse the gender pronouns in order to see what effect it has on the story. For this I chose Cory Doctorow’s piece, Scroogled, a speculative fiction story set in the near future, where the Google corporation gains a contract to assist the US government with its border security. Scroogled was released with a creative commons attribution, non commercial, share alike license -meaning that anyone is free to use the work as it is or to create derivatives of that work provided they give proper attribution to the original creator and allow the new derivative product to be used in the same manner. The original story can be viewed here at RadarOnline, and my new remixed version can be downloaded here as an rtf file from MediaFire. I have not included the full text of the story here because it is over 4500 words long, but if you would prefer a browser viewable version rather than a downloadable one please comment and I will create one in a separate entry.

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