Act 5

February 3, 2008

Being Female on Web 2.0 – Flickr Quilt Part 1/3

female quilt 1
I decided to continue the craft theme this week while examining what it means to be female on web 2.0.

For this weeks act I decided to make a quilt using photos posted by flickr users. Because I only had one week to do this I chose to make this a decorative paper quilt rather than a functional fabric one, but it is a project I hope to revisit at a later date and expand upon.

The idea behind this work was to create a piece using creative commons licensed photos that were tagged with the word “female”, and to use that work to give me some kind of sense as to the way femaleness is represented within web 2.0. i think the resulting work was a great piece of art from web 2.0, but not so much an effective piece for web 2.0, but I think the failure of it to translate very well digitally was an excellent lesson in itself.

More photos, discussion and credits…

Some photos of the finished quilt
female quilt 2

female quilt 3

female quilt 4

female quilt 5

female quilt 6

Some things I found interesting about the found images:

  • Images depicting humanoid females: 33/42 (7 of which were CG illustrations, paintings or sculptures)
  • 6 of the images were of a bird or animal
  • Of the 33 humanoid images almost all were young women (guesstimate age range 18-30), with only one child and 3 women likely 30+
  • 11 women had visible underwear or bikinis
  • 19 had roughly 50% or more of their skin exposed (i.e. singlet top and short skirt or shorts)
  • 3 were completely nude
  • 9/33 were looking at the camera
  • images tagged “female” by users who appeared female (based on name and userpic) were more likely to be illustrations or animals than regular photographs. This one I found particularly interesting and it has started me thinking that perhaps women are less likely to tag themselves as ‘female’ as doing so suggests ‘other’. Perhaps male photographers already see women as ‘other’ and so are more likely to tag them as such.

Of course this was a very small random sample set, so it is only designed to give me an idea of areas I might like to examine more closely in the future.

Works used to create this piece:
To create this piece I did a search on flickr for photos tagged with the word “female” and selected the first 42 images. Where an artist had more than one image posted I took only the first image that came up in the search, regardless of how interesting or appropriate further images were to the work.

The used photos in order of appearance in the search are (name, by: flickr user name):

1. Jean-François Millet: Seated Nude, by: freeparking
2. Kristina ICandi 1/2008, by: cfkoonce1
3. Brilliant Blonds after shoot dance, by: Connie Sec
4. Just Whistle … , by: Felony Fabre
5. Steady, by: Jong Clemente
6. beach, by: Pablo Osmin
7. Blue bikini, by: rimages
8. Arts Festival 2007, by: indoloony
9. The Satyr… , by: Elif Ayiter, aka. Alpha Auer
10. Untitled, by: Maproom Systems
11. Chain, by: Jan Blok
12. ‘Abandoned Beauty’ _’Aainaa Series 05, by: zoule
13. The Machine, by: Jan Blok
14. Red-Winged Black Bird-(Agelaius phoeniceus) female, by: jeslu
15. Evening Common Merganser, by: Fort Photo
16. Day 19/365, by: Scifr
17. Racing Girl, by: jae_yong
18. Amy, by: penfold_xxx
19. Free of overtime, by: Pulpolux !!!
20. Arizona, by: Dushaun
21. Jungle Drum, by: Red Label
22. DSC_0004.JPG – “happy on the swing, with hair”, by: webber0075
23. DeeDee, by: Dee Dee Deepdene
24. Dorr Mountain Conquered, by: Troy B Thompson
25. _KPT0658—Happy Zoo Keeper, by: kptyson
26. IMG_7870, by: bs70
27. What if i got it wrong?, by: | spoon |
28. Archaeological excavations at a prehistoric American Indian site in north-central Oregon (USA) 1977, by: gbaku
29. Female Eclectus, by: MarkusPhotoman
30. Tina, by: os to
31. full moon, by: alicepopkorn
32. Above it All, by: deadeyebart a.k.a Brett
33. Svarga, by: Darks Adria
34. Beautiful Business Lady, by: meyshanworld
35. Mariachi!, by: kevindooley
36. Shootin’ Women, by: stephentrepreneur
37. anjasmara di pameran, by: discomate
38. Babe, by: Markus_Staas
39. Help!, by: paspa
40. Are you there Freyja? It’s me, Olive, by: * Minette
41. So….what am I supposed to be doing again?, by: DetroitDerek
42. untitled, by: stranded_starfish

In addition to these photographs I used quilting fabric, scanned in by me, to make the blocks.

4 Responses to “Act 5”

  1. Callisto Shampoo Says:

    Wow, that’s even more awesome now I know some of the info behind it!

  2. […] on in the project I had a look at Flickr images and the way in which they were tagged (see Acts 5, 6, and 7. I feel this was an important element of my work because the idea of […]

  3. Joy Says:

    I see one of my pictures on there. Nice use of Creative Commons License :).

  4. […] seen in the blogosphere, representation wasn’t discussed in text but explored in visual photo quilts which brought to light aspects of how words have cultural association and […]

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