Act 42

May 20, 2009

feminist t-shirts–get certified!

I am so pleased at the response to the feminist cookies, I really think it is a topic that is widely misunderstood so it is great to see discussions going on about it in other blogs around the place. Plus, they were lots of fun :) I have a second batch of cookies in the oven, but in the mean time I have set up a redbubble gallery to make t-shirts out of some of my favourite 52 Acts artwork. I have even made a new cookie inspired design just for the site.

minimum standard certification

Any proceeds from t-shirt sales will be donated to Amnesty International’s stop violence against women campaign.

The ‘meets minimum standards certification’ image is also available on my flickr page under a CC non-commercial share-alike licence (click on image to go there), should you have another creative use for it (icons anyone? bumper stickers?).