52 acts of cyberfeminism
52 acts of the personal/political
52 acts of intimate and subversion
52 acts of self-expression
52 acts of gender recoding
52 acts of technological interaction
52 acts of hacktivism
52 acts of art

The project, 52 Acts, is the creative component of my Doctor of Creative Arts program. The program is designed to answer the question: ‘how can cyberfeminism practice and Web 2.0 applications be used to recode gendered representations of women on the Internet?’

I intend to answer this question by not only looking to the works of others, but by getting in and getting dirty and performing 52 acts of personal/political internet revolution using tools available to web 2.0 users. Ever week for a full year I will undertake an artistic project and will publish the piece on a central weblog along with commentary, discussion, rationale and tutorials so the projects can be replicated by others. The project is very much about exploration with an open source ethic, so I will use tools that are widely available and open source where ever possible, and include details of how these things were used in order to make my experiments transparent and replicable.

5 Responses to “About 52 Acts”

  1. Afroditi Says:

    I think your project is very interesting!
    Cheers from Madrid.

  2. Brenda Says:

    I like your slideshow on cyberfeminism. I am working on a paper for a critical approaches to digital media class and I’d like to explore this topic. Thank you for your contribution!

  3. I want to thank you for posting to slideshare- you pointed me in helpful directions as I begin my own research in cyberfeminism. Cheers!

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