Act 20

July 1, 2008

Dr Frankenstein’s Daughter–Anonymity and Pieces of Women on the Web

Frankenstein's Daughters

For the next several weeks I really want to look deeply into the question of ‘how are women represented within web 2.0’ and I started this week by hitting the ‘random journal’ button on Live Journal (which I believe disappeared the day after for some mysterious reason, but never mind, it served me well) and observing the kinds of default icons people have with depictions of women in them. One thing that struck me–apart from the fact that people seem far more likely to have an image of a woman as an icon than an image of a man, particularly if it appeared to be a self portrait–was that it seems to be very common for womens bodies to be pictured as pieces cast a drift from the whole.

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Act 2 – The Process

January 10, 2008

In the spirit of open source culture part of what I really want to do here with Fifty Two Acts is to show a bit about the process of creating the things that I do. In addition to posting the creative parcels themselves and giving conceptual information I would like to make my creative process as transparent and as replicable as possible. I envision this site as part blog, part artwork, part resource and part tutorial. This weeks project was created using original photography, photoshop (including selective colour and brushes), and finished in image ready. I am not going to give a step by step photoshop tutorial as such, rather a general overview of the process, though in the future I may give more in depth tutorials if there is enough interest.

playing girl 2.jpg

dial-up warning – the rest is rather long and image heavy…
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