Act 46

July 9, 2009

Vertical Horizons–women centred/feminist fanzine

I haven’t spoken much as yet about my involvement in SF fandom, but I am feeling pretty excited about women in SF at the moment, so you can probably expect to hear a good deal more about it in the future.

There is a great buzz in Australian feminist SF right now, gynacon is due to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Norma K. Hemming award is in development and due to be launched at Worldcon in Melbourne 2010, and the team of Swancon 36 (the 50th Australian natcon) have pledged to make feminist and women’s issues in SF an important part of their event.

I recently attended swancon 34, and was on a panel about the Norma K. Hemming Award (for which I am designing the award statue/trophy). While there I learned about Norma Hemming’s life and her involvment in the Vertical Horizons femme fan group and fanzine that ran for a few years in the 1950s. I was so absolutely inspired by this story that I decided there and then to start up a new femme fanzine, and to name it Vertical Horizons as a tribute to those original outspoken female fans. To learn more about the group and the original publication have a read of David Medlen’s fantastic essay The Women Who Were Not to be Ignored which he has kindly allowed me to publish over on the new Vertical Horizons blog.

And with that I declare the new Vertical Horizons open for submisions of femisnist/woman centred fiction, non fiction, reviews, comics, art, and any other good ideas you have that you might think fit the ethos of the zine.