Act 44

June 4, 2009

Feminist Cookies–the second batch

cookie group--batch 2

This time with colour and sprinkles! I made a second batch of feminist cookies, all created with sayings left in the comments either here on this journal, or on other pages that linked to the first batch of cookies–thanks everyone for your suggestions!

I noticed in comments on a few of the blogs that linked to the original post that several people were talking about making some of these for the Tiptree bake sale at Wiscon. I, myself am in Australia and have not yet made it to Wiscon (though it is certainly on my list of things I aspire to) so didn’t make them any cookies myself, but I really hope others made some of these cookies and took them along. I would absolutely love to see photos if any such cookies eventuated :)

Now, a bit of a disclaimer and an explanation of the ‘likes Buffy’ cookie, before I get in trouble. I, personally really like Buffy. I have watched the series several times and would even go so far as to call myself a Buffy fan. You can absolutely be a feminist/ally and like Buffy. However, the simple fact of liking Buffy does not in and of itself make you a feminist. You do not get merit points for watching the show. There is even reason to look at many aspects of the Buffyverse with a critical feminist eye– see Jenifer Kesler’s post on Joss Whedon and Feminist Cookies for more about that.

Anyway, as requested the second batch of cookies has more contrast for readability, which is good because the writing is slightly sploggier this time :) I have added six cookies, I was planning on more, but the gluten free flour that I used has sticking problems so I lost several cookies due to breakage. The new cookies read:

  • Works with women
  • Is pro-choice
  • Likes Buffy
  • My mom works!
  • Likes women natural
  • Likes kick-ass chicks

All can be seen in the cookie set on my flickr page, here, Enjoy!

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