Act 26

September 26, 2008


Commentary eludes me today. This is a work looking further into the phenomena of cutting ourselves to pieces with photography. Make of it what you will.

It was created using Animoto, a neat web app that lets you add your still images and turns them into an animated slide show either with music from their free use music library or from music you upload yourself. It is very cool, and allows unlimitted free 30 second mini shows–which at first I found a little frustrating, but then came to enjoy the challenge as it made me really think about how to get my message across in a condensed time frame. Big thanks to Aphd31 for her help talking me through the ideas with this one.

All images used in this work are used with gratitude to the original artist who made them available under creative commons licences. A list of URLs for all the original images used in this project and the previous Frankenstein’s Daughter image is available here

This is a list of URLs for the flickr pages of the original photos that have been photoshopped and used in the ‘Frankenstein’s Daughter’ and ‘Cut-Up’ project. Thanks a heap to all the artists that made their work available under creative commons licences, thereby making these artworks possible.

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Act 25

September 20, 2008

Representations of Feminism–Putting on my Hairy Legged Feminist Pants

I have been absolutely fascinated by this discussion (started by Lauredhel) on Hoyden About Town about this opinion piece (written by Monica Dux) in The Age.

While reading the discussion I decided that I really needed to make a ‘hairy legged feminist’ icon. An ‘unfeminine monster’ icon seemed quite appealing as well. It started out as a simple task–I considered taking a photo of my own hairy legs, or finding a CC-licensed image on flickr to use as the focus of the icon, but decided against that idea based on my recent work about the problematic practice of cutting up of women’s bodies with photography. Another option was to use a hairy legged spider, but decided against that because of the possible negative interpretation. Instead I chose to make myself a pair of hairy legged feminist pants. I still haven’t made the icon, but I now have an awesome pair of hairy legged feminist muppet skin pants!

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Act 24

September 12, 2008

Viola’s Bookshelf–Lee Battersby Gender Exchange Remix

In keeping with the literary theme of the past few acts I have added a new gender exchange remix story to Viola’s Bookshelf. This is a remix of Lee Batersby’s Alchymical Romance, a story that was featured as part of the Remix My Lit project–an awesome project that encourages an extension of the practices employed in remix culture (that are most often applied to audio and vision) into the realm of the written word. I really liked their concept and thought it was a perfect opportunity to do some gender exchange remixing for Viola’s Bookshelf, while contributing to the Remix My Lit project at the same time.

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Act 23

September 3, 2008

Response to Spam–Part 2, Bonus Haiku

And just so y’all don’t get worried that I take this stuff too seriously, here is a bonus found poetry spam haiku for all my man friends ;)


Please do not Worry
Spam can be mean and unkind
your love wand is Fine


Act 22

September 3, 2008

Response to Spam–Part 1, Found Poetry

It would be disingenuous to discuss the way women are represented on the internet without paying some attention to spam. Spam is fairly easy to overlook, I get flooded with so much of it that it reaches a kind of critical mass and I no longer see the images or hear the words–until another, more shocking piece breaks through the white noise and I am disgusted all over again.

This task was a real challenge for me, I set out to make some ‘art from spam’ a few times, but each time I wasn’t quite ready and had to back off and put it aside for a time when I was feeling more mentally able to cope. There are some days spam evades the filter and makes it to my inbox, where I see it before I get a chance to delete it–some days I just shrug and it bounces off my invisible ‘whatever’ barrier, but other days it gets through, and in that brief instant between where it catches my notice and I hit the delete key it makes it’s way into my brain like a subliminal frame cut into a film and I feel like I have been verbally and visually assaulted. Some days I really do find spam to be more than just an annoying wast of space and bandwidth–sometimes I find it a violation.

So in response I wanted to take these soul destroying email intrusions and create something beautiful.

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Act 21

September 1, 2008

Doll Icons

this post may look a little familiar to those of you who follow my research blog, as I recently posted it there by mistake! But here it is now, returned to its rightful place on 52 acts.

icon dolls 1

A few weeks ago Sabbitha commented on my LiveJournal asking if I would like to contribute to the Totem, Dolls With Souls, exhibition* in September–which excited me greatly. Following on from Act 20’s exploration in to the common yet curious tradition of taking portraits (and often self-portraits) of women’s bodies as discrete disembodied pieces–effectively dismembering them with the camera lens–I chose to explore this phenomenon further , making 3D journal icon representations using 100x100mm boxes (representing the standard 100×100 pixels of blog/journal icons) and found dolls. Read the rest of this entry »