More Cookies!

April 30, 2009

It is a long weekend where I live, and making the cookies was lots of fun, so I have decided to attempt a second batch.

The question then is: what would you like to see written on a feminist cookie? Let me know in the comments and I will see what I can do :)

5 Responses to “More Cookies!”

  1. Sophie Says:

    First: I was going to check these out just to see what awesome person made them, and it was you! You are awesome :)

    Second: Might I suggest more contrast? They’re a bit hard to read. The green ones are better imo.

    Third: HMM. “Not in the KKK” comes to mind. I’m thinking “Liked *blah*” where blah is something mainstream but considered feminist, like Buffy. or “Likes strong women”.

  2. Erin Says:

    “Knows where clitoris is”
    “Watches Ellen”
    “Watches Oprah”

    I found you from Feministe. I love this project!

  3. Liz Henry Says:

    “has a daughter”

  4. Aquaeri Says:

    “listens to women” (insert other possibilities).
    “works with women”
    “reads books by women authors” (sadly I believe I know people who fail this)
    “can name a female scientist”
    “has heard of Roe vs Wade”

  5. Shawna Caramella Says:

    Great information :)

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