Act 32

November 12, 2008

Watching Women Street Art–Part 2b WOC Edition–Reebok Geisha

Following on from the Aunt Jemima stencil I became interested in other representations of women, and particularly women of colour, in advertising. I found which is a fantastic resource, particularly useful was their WOC exotics section. I was inspired by this old reebok ad depicting a shy geisha girl stereotype wearing reebok sneakers.

Women Watching--Reebok Geisha

In my sketch I removed the fan she was hiding behind and replaced it with a camera to situate her as the viewer and give her an active gaze. As is the case with the Aunt Jemima stencil this one is available for download from the flickr page under a cc attribution-noncommercial license, the original size is a 300 dpi A4 image ready for printing.

Out of interest I also checked out the current reebok website to see what they were doing now and I was really quite enjoying their dynamic images of women–(the static, restrained nature of images of women is one of the big problems I have with women’s portraiture, I wanna see women doin stuff!)–but is it just me or is the ‘reebok global instructor team’ really quite white?

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