Act 31

November 12, 2008

Watching Women Street Art–Part 2a WOC Edition–Aunt Jemima

Back in March I worked on Act 12, Watching Women Street Art, a set of three images that I shared on the Internet for use as street art stencil and sticker templates. The images were created using iconic images of women in western art, women whose images were created purely for the pleasure of the viewer. Inspired by the recent creation of the Hollaback Australia site I had repurposed the images as viewers themselves.

In the comments of Act 12 Mehitabel Moody Moss Said:

In my city we would need some African-American iconic women for such a project. For the US I’d suggest Queen Nefertiti, Aunt Jemima, Angela Davis.

I decided that I really wanted to take this on board and to include some images of women of colour in my next watching women street art set (I had always intended to do three sets of three images for this project).

I was already familiar in a general sense with imagery of Queen Nefertiti and Angela Davis (who, btw, is AWESOME!), but, being Australian based, was completely unfamiliar with Aunt Jemima. A bit of Internet research suggested that she is a beautiful vibrant figure used by a couple of white dudes to sell powdered pancake mix and syrup. The perfect subject for a repurposed image.

Thus I give you my Aunt Jemima Watching Women stencil:

Women Watching--Aunt Jemima

It is available for download from the flickr page under a cc attribution-noncommercial license, the original size is a 300 dpi A4 image ready for printing.

While I was looking for Aunt Jemima images I also found this fabulous pancake song,too cute not to share, enjoy! mmmm… pancakes…

One Response to “Act 31”

  1. Terry Says:

    Not racist to me. It’s an interesting use of the English language that comes from an american experience that needs to be preserved. It is art and beautiful.

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