Frankenstien’s Daughter/Cut-Ups Credits

September 26, 2008

This is a list of URLs for the flickr pages of the original photos that have been photoshopped and used in the ‘Frankenstein’s Daughter’ and ‘Cut-Up’ project. Thanks a heap to all the artists that made their work available under creative commons licences, thereby making these artworks possible.

I plan to go through and add propper thumbnails and links in time, but I thought it more important to at least put up proper credit asap.

through the eyes.

a piece of me

Her lips

Sugar lips.

365:195 Lips

lips ¿you want some?

Dream eyes

captivating eyes

pirate eyes

"Je voudrais ........... "

214/365 sankofa

Imagen 12

Come una donna

Julie obsessing

Day 190 - This should be a little less controversial...


Day 117 - Red Lace 5

Blonde Poser 02

one oh six

summer colors

pregnant belly

39 week belly - heart - 08 Sept 2005

Refreshing your thoughts

Walk with Boombooroom #1

Sexy Legs


Day 25 - Legs

knit legs | day 302

Still life with human legs and daisies


Happy Feet

365 Days - Day 4 - Tired Feet

Marble Tomb Texture 1

Texture 203 (marble)

Texture 202 (marble)

Texture 201 (marble)

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  1. […] images used in this project and the previous Frankenstein’s Daughter image is available here Posted in Uncategorized | Tags: 52 Acts, animoto, art, cyberfeminism, […]

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