Act 18

June 6, 2008

Feminist and Funny–a LiveJournal community for the sharing of hate-free humor

I decided this week to start a LiveJournal community for all the humorous feminists there. The humorless feminist is a pretty well used stereotype, and really I must admit sometimes it does feel like I am losing my humor a bit–when you begin to look at the world both near and afar through a feminist lens there can appear to be a lot to be solemn about, there is definitely a lot of serious work left to be done. But really, that is not what the trope of the humorless feminist is all about, the real reason this stereotype gets thrown around is our perceived inability to ‘take a joke’ when a ‘joke’ is made with the punchline relying on sexism, racism, ablism, homophobia or any other discourse of hatred to make it ‘funny’.  The humorless feminist tag is thrown about to undermine and discredit a woman when she realises a simple truth–some things (and some people) are just not that funny. Of course feminists are not humorless. We are just discerning.

The reason behind the creation of this community is not to prove or disprove anything, it is really just to provide a safe and joyful place for frivolous entertainment. From the community info page:

Feminist and Funny is a community created for the sharing of non-sexist, non-racist, non-ablist, non-discriminatory feminist-friendly humour.

We welcome posts with jokes, humour, funny images, links to entertaining sites and posts, thoughts about your favorite comedienne/an, reviews of fun media (i.e. books/tv/film/audio etc) you have consumed, anything goes as long as it is feminist-friendly, does not rely on negative stereotypes or general meanness, and is funny.

All feminists and feminist allies are welcome.

So if you are an LJ enabled feminist or feminist-ally please join the community ( and share a post or two (or many) about something joyful and fun!


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