Act 17

May 20, 2008

The Real Open Source Boob Project Pt II–Boobie Hat! a Flickr tutorial

Due to assorted RL stuff I am a little bit behind on my 52 Acts write ups, so you might be lucky and get a few extras over the next few weeks. Today I have for you a follow-up to act 16, the crochet boobie pattern, to which several people responded that a boobie beanie would be a wonderful thing. I decided to go with that idea, but play around with it a bit as is my way. So here, by popular demand, I give you The Boobie Beret!

Boobie Beret x2

To keep with the open source objective I have written up instructions for the hat (or rather documented how I made it up as I went along). This time I chose to do the tutorial in flickr rather than write it as a huge long post directly on this blog. See the full tutorial here, along with more photos of the finished beret, in the flickr photo set. (Click on ‘detail’ to see all the images and instructions on one page, or scroll through each image using the ‘browse’ buttons)

6 Responses to “Act 17”

  1. Joel Polowin Says:

    Well, I’m impressed. Slightly boggled, but impressed — I’d think it’d take some chutzpah to wear that around strangers. It is, in its way, a very cunning hat.

    I think it’s in slightly better taste than my own response to the OSBP (linked above).

  2. […] at Fifty Two Acts releases into the wild: “The Real Open Source Boob Project Pt II – Boobie Hat! a Flickr tutorial”. She also invites readers to join a feminist knitalong at “Welcome to Knit Club” at One […]

  3. […] this gorgeous open source pattern for a boob hat which is a follow on from this […]

  4. GregLondon Says:

    Does it include instructions for how to crochet in either a “yes, you may” or “No, you may not” pattern on the front?

  5. David Cake Says:

    You should definitely contribute this (or another to the same pattern) to the Alice Springs Beanie Festival next year. It would fit right in, and be a great way for thousands of people to see it.

    (we love the Beanie festival)

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