Act 4

January 23, 2008

Following on from last weeks act that reflected on the changing body shapes of women I decided to continue with that theme on a practical level. Because of my belief that the male body is subconsciously considered the norm by the majority of western society and that this is reflected in the garments put out by the clothing industry I choose to go against the grain and only wear clothes that are designed to accommodate the naturally changing body shapes of women. For years now I have chosen to only wear clothes that are adjustable in their fit, either with wraps or with stretch fabric etc. This has not only been fabulous for my self-esteem, but also very useful in helping me cope with the amazing body changes due to pregnancy – as having to only make minor adjustments to my wardrobe meant one less giant identity change to cope with. With that in mind, this week’s act is a tutorial on how to make a bias cut skirt that is designed to respect a naturally changing body shape.

One Response to “Act 4”

  1. […] In January 2008 I created an instructables tutorial for a skirt that respected the changeability of …. Now that a year has passed and my waist is once again in rappid expansion mode I thought it might be timely to expand my feminine/feminist friendly wardrobe with a new dress design. […]

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