Act One

January 1, 2008

We have lift off!

As promised I will spend this year creating bits and pieces of cyberfeminist art. Well, cyberfeminist thingies anyway, some of it you will recognize as art, other bits, like todays work, are… something else. Whether is be art with a capital A or some other kind of thingy, each week for the next 52 weeks I will offer on this site some kind of cyberfeminist live-web interaction. 52 acts of cyberfeminism.

I have decided to start simple and to add a bit of clarity with my first act. When I tell people what it is I am doing I am usually asked ‘what is cyberfeminism?’ so here is my answer. For something a bit different, rather than write you an essay, I have answered the question in power point slide show format and uploaded it to SlideShare, a free online presentation sharing site.

You can view the presentation online, or download it from the site here. I have assigned it a creative commons attribution/non-commercial license, so if you have a non-commercial use for it and you would like to download it be my guest.


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